President's Message

The Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts is an international non profit making organization established in 1959. The purpose of its establishment is to promote and encourage the advancement of the science of Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation. The association aims to build a network of professionals with a shared interest in the technologies and techniques developed for the exploitation of the world's oil and gas reserves.

SPWLA has numerous local chapters located in various countries including Kuwait. Kuwait has established its SPWLA local chapter in February 2008, starting with as few as 50 members. However among the years, the chapter's active efforts have raised awareness of industry professionals and more and more are actively becoming members. Today the SPWLA Kuwait chapter has as many as 160 members.

Through SPWLA Kuwait, numerous industry professionals come together at educational events, activities and field trips, sharing their different knowledge, information and experiences in the field of Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation. This makes SPWLA Kuwait a major learning tool for industry professionals, enlightening their minds with up to date well logging technologies. This knowledge sharing network is a promising contributor in the development of the future of the industry in Kuwait.

Mr. Salem Al Sabea

The President of SPWLA Kuwait
Local Chapter